We are a source of new ideas and growth, helping our clients, usually Global Fortune 250 firms, to thrive in times of tumultuous change, like these.

We work with clients to engage their markets and customers, study and solve problems and learn new things. We do this by leading collaborative research and design projects.

Armed with creative methods and powerful tools and through a network of connected and talented people all over the world, we grapple with the big problems of the day and help our clients to change and bring change -- bettering lives and bettering living for people everywhere.



4 simple rules for good business research

Charged with finding answers to the question “what challenges can we help you overcome?”, a researcher supporting innovation is more explorer more than collector; more miner than statistician.


Our research helped a global solar inverter technology company see the vast potential in the US solar market, leading to investment in plant and people, and gigawatts of new solar generating capacity in 2012.


Our expertise helped ITT become a leading plant performance services company, helping clients to lower operating costs and improve the productivity of the machines that make paper, plastics, chemicals and energy products.

Our strategy work helped Schneider Electric strengthen its relationships with key customers, positioning it for growth in construction markets even as markets slowed and competitor's fell behind.